To help a seller activate private apps and configure Arrow, they need to add your email to their team with the right permissions. Read on for how sellers can do that and what permissions you need.

As a Seller on a Shopify store

Go to Settings and go to Plan and Permissions:

Select Add Staff to add an Arrow team member:

Add the name and email address of the Arrow staff member ([email protected]) and assign the permissions as shown in the image below. After that select Invite to invite the staff to your team.

The seller needs to assign the following permissions to the Arrow team member ( as shown in the screenshot )

  • Home
  • Orders
  • Edit Orders
  • Draft Orders
  • Products
  • Gift Cards
  • Customers
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Marketing
  • Discounts
  • Apps and Channels
  • Themes
  • Blog posts and pages
  • Navigation
  • Domains
  • Manage Settings
  • View Private Apps
  • Edit Private app details and permissions