If you prefer Arrow developers to help you with the installation,

  1. Confirm with Arrow Customer Success manager your preference
  2. Add 'Arrow Dev' to the team with the right permission to perform the installation

Recommended Method: Once confirmed, Arrow Dev to send collaborator request to Shopify team

1. Provide Arrow Dev with store admin URL

You can find the store admin URL in your Shopify admin. Copy the first part of the URL that ends at myshopify.com

2. Arrow Dev to send collaborator request with the following permission requests

Below is the screenshot of the permissions needed to help set up the Arrow Checkout custom app on your Shopify store.

Alternate Method: Once confirmed, add Add Arrow Dev as staff to your Shopify team

Go to Settings > Go to Plan and Permissions:

Select Add Staff to add an Arrow team member:

Add the name and email address ([email protected]) of the Arrow staff member. Assign the permissions in Recommended Method's Step 2. Once assigned, select Invite to invite the Arrow Dev member to your team.