Archiving Orders

Arrow creates orders in Woocommerce both for paid and unpaid orders (in the case of non-instant payment methods like Ewallets or Va Bank Transfer). Depending on the payment method you might assume that if the order hasn't been paid after 1 or 2 days, that the customer will not do so in the future so Arrow will archive those orders.

You can set the exact number of days after which an unpaid order will be archived by Arrow via the following field:


Button display control

Use these two checkbox here to control whether to display the Arrow Checkout button on the SKU page and the mini-cart section


Sandbox mode

Set it to sandbox mode if you would like to do end-to-end testing with Arrow - if you do not have sandbox credentials, do reach out to your Arrow account manager. Under sandbox mode, you can use test cards to simulate payment.

You can also toggle the 'test mode' so that only you (as a logged in admin!) will see the button.


Payment logo display

Select the relevant payment methods you have opted to offer via Arrow to display their logos under the Arrow checkout button