Follow the below steps for setting up Arrow for WooCommerce

1. Add REST API key and pass it to the Arrow Team

Note: REST API is required for version 1.2.x and below.

Hover over “WooCommerce” on the left menu and select “Settings”, here select the “Advanced” tab:

From here, navigate to the REST API section that is seen below:

Now select the “Add key” button and set the “Permissions” to “Read/Write”. The settings for the new key should look like this:

Select the “Generate API key” button. Once the keys are generated, note them all down and pass them to the Arrow team.

2. Uploading and Installing the Arrow Checkout Plugin

To do this, you must first navigate to the “Plugins” section on the Left Menu and select “Add new

Once on this page, you will see the “Upload Plugin” button, select this to be redirected to the upload page.

Here, you simply need to upload the Arrow Checkout plugin .zip file which will be provided by the Arrow team. Once the plugin is uploaded, as seen below, select “Install Now”.

After the file is installed, hover over the “Plugins” option again on the left side menu and this time select “Installed Plugins”. Once the page loads, find the “Arrow Checkout” plugin which will look like this:

Select the “Activate” button below the “Arrow Checkout” name to activate the plugin. Once done successfully the updated page will look like this:

In case clicking 'Activate' does not work, it could be because the older plugin version wasn't replaced when the new version is uploaded. Delete the older version, and clicking 'activate' should then work.


At this point you have successfully uploaded and installed the Arrow plugin!

3. How to edit the settings of the Arrow Checkout Plugin

In order to have Arrow Checkout working the way you would like it to, you will need to set it up with your preferred settings. To do so, navigate to the “WooCommerce” option on the left hand menu, from here, select “Settings”. Once the page loads, navigate to the “Payments” tab.

On the “Payments” tab find the “Arrow” method in the table as seen below.

Select the “Manage” button.

4. Setup Arrow Checkout

After selecting “Manage”, you will be redirected to a page that has all the different configuration settings for Arrow Checkout. You can edit these settings to be whatever you like except for Title and Description.

For Title and Description, please set it as the following:

Title Arrow Checkout
Description The fastest way to checkout on the Internet

The page will look like this (there are more fields below). Once these fields have been filled out you will also see the following fields which you will need to fill accordingly:

Environment Production.
Client Key Enter your Client Key.
Secret Key Enter your Secret Key.
Username Enter your Username.

The Client Key, Secret Key and Username will be provided to you by the Arrow team.

Enabling Admin Test mode

Once done with populating client key and other parameters, do select the Enable test mode checkbox if the Arrow checkout has to be used purely for testing purposes.

  • Use Test Mode to show Arrow Checkout buttons only when logged in as the admin or a user with the ‘management’ role enabled on wp-admin.
  • Merchants can preview how Arrow Checkout will appear on their site before they turn them live for public

5. Activate Arrow Checkout for your store

After saving your settings and configuration for Arrow Checkout. Return to the “Payments” tab and navigate to the “Arrow” method. You can now select “Enable” to have Arrow Checkout enabled on your store.

Congratulations, you have successfully added Arrow Checkout to your store!

6. Special note for Tax Settings (only if merchant enabled ‘Tax’ in settings)

If your store have tax settings, please select Customer shipping address as value for Calculate tax based on field.

7. Special note for Shipping options on cart page

If you want to enable One-Click Checkout on Arrow, please uncheck Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page option.

💬 We're here to help!

If anything is not right, double check if everything is configured as in this guide, if it is, reach out to Arrow support to get help with your setup ( [email protected] )