📝 How to install Arrow on Shopify for a seller

Sellers that have Shopify can get Arrow installed, by adding Arrow's code snippets onto the theme file. Sellers can choose to either follow the installation steps provided here, or discuss with Customer Success Manager to have Arrow assisting with the installation process.

The steps include:

  1. (If Arrow developer's help is needed) Add Arrow Dev to Shopify

  2. Create Arrow Checkout as a custom app

  3. Configure Admin and Storefront API settings for the Arrow Checkout custom app

  4. Pass on the Admin and Storefront API tokens to Arrow Dev

  5. Add arrow.js to your Shopify theme file

  6. Add 'successful' or 'cancelled' handlers

  7. Add Arrow checkout button on the cart page

  8. Add Arrow checkout button on the product page

  9. Add the 'successful order' page

  10. Connect Arrow with Shopify webhooks

  11. Ensure scripts related to Analytics are inserted properly