📝 How to install Arrow on Shopify for a seller

Sellers that have Shopify can get Arrow installed, by adding Arrow as a team member, to help them add Arrow as a ‘private app’.

Steps include enabling private apps, adding custom code on the Shopify checkout page and getting api keys.

We assume a seller has a Shopify store set up, if not this Intro to Shopify helps a seller get started: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/intro-to-shopify

To help a seller add Arrow, ask them to add you as a team member on their store.

Store Owners need to enable Private Apps

Before adding an Arrow team member, private apps should be enabled. See steps 1 to 4 on how to do that. Only the store owner can enable private apps on their store.

Add Arrow Support to your Shopify Team

Steps to add Arrow to Shopify