📝 Install Arrow on Woocommerce for a seller

Sellers that have WooCommerce can get Arrow installed, by adding Arrow's latest plugin for checkout. There is a basic set up for sellers who do not have advanced theme customisations for the WC site, and a more advanced set up for those who do.

(Basic Set Up) Steps for enabling Arrow Checkout:

  1. Install Arrow Checkout from the WC public marketplace

  2. Inputting Arrow merchant credentials on plugin set up page

  3. Configure the settings for Arrow Checkout plugin

  4. Activate Arrow Checkout for your store

(Advanced Set Up) Steps for enabling Arrow Checkout:
To follow this process, contact your Arrow customer success manager who would assist you

  1. Add [email protected] as an admin to your WooCommerce store

  2. Arrow developers to perform a site migration onto Arrow's staging server so as to prepare a safe environment for installation and testing to happen

  3. Arrow developers to produce an installation solution that is compatible with the staging site

  4. Arrow developers to replicate the solution on your live WooCommerce store, and then turn off the staging site

  5. Activate Arrow Checkout for your store


To understand each step in detail, head to our Woocommerce Basic Setup Guide or Woocommerce Advanced Setup Guide

We assume a seller has a Woocommerce store set up, if not this Setup a New Woocommerce Store helps a seller get started!