How to: Mark orders as 'Paid' in the Arrow Merchant Dashboard

Mark orders 'Paid' in the Merchant Dashboard after a customer pays by manual bank transfer. Note: Refer to this guide this guide to log into the Merchant Dashboard.

If an order is not marked 'Paid' after 24 hours, it will be automatically marked 'Canceled' .

Go to 'Orders' in Merchant Dashboard > Click 'Update Payment Status' under Actions

Note: 'Update Payment Status' is available only for orders where manual bank transfers were selected as payment method will have 'Update Payment Status' shown. This action cannot be undone.

How to: Find an Arrow order's manual bank transfer VA number

1. Look for the Arrow Order ID in your store platform's order details

2. Go to 'Transactions' in your Midtrans dashboard > Search for the Arrow Order ID in 'Order ID' field > Click on the order to view the details