How to mark orders as 'Paid' on the Arrow Merchant Dashboard

Orders must be marked 'Paid' from the Merchant Dashboard after a customer pays by manual bank transfer. See this guide for how to log in to the Merchant Dashboard.

If an order is not marked 'Paid', it will be marked 'Cancelled' automatically after 24 hours.

Step 1: From 'Orders' on your Merchant Dashboard, click 'Update Payment Status' under Actions

Note: Only orders where manual bank transfer was selected as the payment method will have 'Update Payment Status' shown. This action cannot be undone.

How to find an Arrow order's manual bank transfer VA number

Step 1: In the order details your store platform, look for the Arrow Order ID

Step 2: From 'Transactions' on your Midtrans dashboard, search for the Arrow Order ID (in 'Order ID' field)

Click on the order to see the VA number under Payment Details.