Provide fast checkout experience through DMs

Creating Paylinks

Generating a Paylink is a fast experience as well which includes steps:

1. Add Product to your Product Catalogue first

2. Go To Paylinks -> Generate Paylinks

3. Setting up the Paylink

a. Set up the paylink by adding products toit using product name field.

b. Input a price, this is the price that the customer will pay based on their shipping address.

c. Setup a Quantity which is in Stock.

4. Managing your Pay link

Arrow enables you to edit or remove the products that you have already added to the pay link with Automatic Link Expiry in 24hrs feature, giving a 360 degree control over a pay link.

5. Ready to Share!

You can directly copy the URL provided through pay links and this link will be live to you customer base in a matter of seconds!

6. Share it with your customers!

Managing your Pay Links

Paylinks can be Edited and Removed by the merchant and merchant can also set up an expiry period to the Paylink right on the Pay Links Section.


To get a demo of how Paylinks work, head to Demo